Records Retention Manual

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As a courtesy to our school district customers, and to assist all school districts, EdFiles has developed an online reference tool of CASBO's (California Association of School Business Officials) records retention manual.

The Records Retention Manual is designed as a quick reference to the retention period of documents. While the lists of documents may not be totally inclusive, most documents used in school districts are represented. Various documents may appear in more than one area of responsibility. Old documents, no longer required, remain listed because they must still be maintained. The retention periods indicated are to assist district personnel in both the retention of permanent records and the timely destruction of documents.

If your district requires any assistance in records retention, records conversion to electronic format and document scanning and archiving, please contact us at 1-657-217-3260.

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   Reimbursement Claim: School Lunch, Breakfast and Special Milk Programs3 years4 years  
 CDE P2, J-18/19-P2 Supplement      
Accounting & Budgeting  3Accounts Payable Reconcialation3 years4 years  
Accounting & Budgeting  3Accounts Receivable Reconciliation3 years 4 years  
Accounting & Budgeting SACS (J-200/300) (J141 )(J41 )1Annual, Financial and Budget ReportPermanent Permanent4 yearsPermanent
Accounting & Budgeting SACS (J-400/500) County Superintendent of Schools    
Accounting & Budgeting SACS (J-600/700)1Annual Financial and Budget Report, Joint Powers AgenciesPermanentPermanent4 years Permanent
Accounting & Budgeting SACS (J-301-CE)1Annual Financial Report- Continuation Education Schools.PermanentPermanent4 years Permanent
Accounting & Budgeting  2Annual IMF Statement, Optional,Cash Request (Credit Districts)4 yers5 years  
Accounting & Budgeting  2Annual Interest Accrued by Direct Order School Districts on K-8 Instructional Materials fund4 years 5 years   
Accounting & Budgeting SACS (J-780)1Annual Program Cost Data Report, Joint Powers AgenciesPermanentPermanent4 yearsPermanent
Accounting & Budgeting SACS (J-380)1Annual Program Cost Data Report, Single DistrictPermanentPermanent4 yearsPermanent
Accounting & Budgeting C-1-A1Annual Report for Cal- SAFE Child Care FundingPermanentPermanent4 yearsPermanent
Accounting & Budgeting St Software (J-22-A)1Annual Repprt for Gifted and Talented Programs(*)(**)PermanentPermanent4 yearsPermanent
Accounting & Budgeting St Software (J-22-A)1Annual Report for handicapped Pupils Attending an ROC/PPermanentPermanent4 yearsPermanent
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